scalable cost-effective solutions

In the oil, gas and chemical market, dlugos provides a unique perspective on the projects we engineer. By applying years of construction experience to our engineering efforts, we give clients what they need most - a facility that is designed to be built safely and cost effectively, without compromising functionality or capability.

Whether it's a metering station, compressor/pump station, terminal or a large gas processing plant, dlugos conglomerate construction-driven engineering team delivers predictable results.

Our engineers provide support for construction, procurement, commissioning and start-up and plant performance testing and evaluation.

Our engineering team is focused on designing for successful project construction and commissioning - and nothing else. We avoid billable hours on work that does not drive best-value project delivery and often extends the schedule. Our midstream clients typically require quick responses, and our approach is built to meet the tight schedule requirements of a fast-paced market while providing the necessary overall controls for successful execution.

Kiewit's engineering services are fully scalable, helping ensure clients receive fast and accurate designs for projects of any size. With an emphasis on right-sizing project teams and deliverables, we are structured to provide cost-effective solutions to clients across the market.