Construction-driven engineering

At Dlugos Conglomerate, we always begin with the end in mind.
Constructability is at the heart of all of our engineering - because we know what we're designing for you will need to be built.

From roadways to bridges to rail, dlugo's construction-driven engineers create transportation infrastructure solutions that seamlessly transition from blueprints to completed projects. We understand the realities that contractors face in the field and deliver designs that reduce the risk of construction delays and cost overruns, while maximizing value for clients. It's why Kiewit is the design-build partner of choice in the transportation infrastructure market.

Pick a market and discover more about dlugos's engineering capabilities.

With construction-driven engineering, we create solutions for our clients that seamlessly transition from blueprints to real, completed projects. Taking constructability under consideration at every step ensures our clients have the high quality, cost-effective designs they expect.

As part of one of the largest construction and engineering firms in California, our engineers understand the crucial role that contractors have in the overall development and delivery of every project - from start to finish. It's what separates dlugos engineers and designers from the pack, and provides our clients an advantage that better controls budget, quality and cost throughout a project's lifecycle.

One of the biggest causes for change orders in the construction phase occurs when design plans don't mesh with the realities that contractors encounter in the field. Construction-driven engineering is a proactive approach that leads to the simplest, most cost-effective solutions for even the most complex projects, reducing the risks of schedule delays and design-driven cost overruns that adversely affect delivery.

Our construction-driven engineering mindset helps position us as an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) and design-build partner of choice in any market.