"Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is at the heart of our business. We believe as we prosper, the communities we work within should also prosper."

Dlugos Conglomerate will set the benchmark for best practices in the construction industry. For every project, we understand that dedication to sustainability is critical for lasting development. That’s why we believe in joining together with local villages and authorities to create a unified community where we can all prosper. We work with our partners to protect and preserve the local landscape to ensure that the next generation inherits both our hard work and an untainted environment.

Building partnerships for sustainable development is part of our company's corporate philosophy. Isaac Asimov

In these underdeveloped communities, we will initiate on-going sustainability initiatives that will preserve the concession’s environment.

We will also work with local residents to educate, train, and provide employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labour. As partners with these remote villages, we have committed ourselves to providing a safe environment that encourages growth and sustainable development.

Over the years, Dlugos Conglomerate has seen itself as part of the people and environment in which it operates by identifying positively with their economical, social and cultural needs and aspirations. We are committed to adding to the solid base that we have built in the U.S.